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Kiara Sky Professional Nails

Kiara Sky Cuticle Nail Drill Bit - Mini Barrel Diamond Medium

Kiara Sky Cuticle Nail Drill Bit - Mini Barrel Diamond Medium

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Meet our Mini Barrel Diamond Bit, an innovative dual-action cuticle bit designed to transform and speed up the dry manicure process! This small and compact drill bit is a powerhouse, designed to tackle two critical tasks at the same time! Its unique mini barrel shape delicately lifts the eponychium without inflicting damage, while the medium diamond grit safely and gently removes the dead tissue underneath. It's a two-in-one wonder, enhancing the efficiency and speed of your dry manicures while ensuring the utmost in client comfort. Crafted for precision, this compact bit effortlessly navigates the contours of nail plates, making it perfect for detailed cuticle work and nail prep.


  • Dual Action Cuticle Bit
  • Perfect way to lift the epynichium and remove dead tissue at the same time
  • Small compact size for ultimate precision
  • Powerful but gentle diamond grit
  • Safe to use on nail plate and around cuticle area
  • Standard shank size 3/32" (fits all professional nail e-files)
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