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X Pro Nail Drill Bit - Safety Removal Bit Extra Coarse

X Pro Nail Drill Bit - Safety Removal Bit Extra Coarse

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Introducing the Safety Removal Bit Fine Grit, a revolutionary nail drill bit designed to redefine gel polish removal. Its unique X-cut and zirconium-coated carbide are engineered to remove the toughest of gel products quickly and efficiently, while reducing heat and ensuring a safe and comfortable client experience. The standout feature of this bit is its unbeatable safety—it's designed to prevent accidental cuts, even when in contact with the skin, providing your clients with a worry-free manicure experience. This offers an impressive balance of control and safety, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and advanced technicians.


  • The ultimate safety bit!
  • Perfect for removing gel polish, builder gel, and gel extensions
  • Prevents accidental cuts on skin
  • Safe to use on nail plate and around cuticle area
  • Cross Cut design reduces heat buildup
  • Acetone Resistant
  • Zirconium Coated Carbide
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